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Team Liquid leads the way in the PCS1 Europe Grand Finals

In the competition's first weekend the team racked up an impressive 93 points.

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Last weekend saw the conclusion of the first half of the PCS1 Europe Grand Finals and it was Team Liquid that emerged on top with an impressive 93 points. The team is now one step closer to the $200,000 prize pool and currently stands above 15 other top European PUBG teams.

The team made quite a comeback in the competition's second day as they were able to climb from fourth to first place on the leaderboard. They now stand with a comfortable lead over ENCE in second with 82 points and TSM in third with 77 points.

The action is set to unfold yet again this weekend and the winner of the competition will be crowned. You can find more details regarding the competition's first stretch here.

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