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Bugsnax julkaistiin 12. marraskuuta, ja Gamereactorin arvion pääsee lukemaan täällä. Nyt linjoilla on päivitys 1.04, ja kokoa on yhden gigan verran.

Katso alta kuvaus päivityksen sisällöstä englanniksi.

  • Added weather/rain forecast feature to map page in Journal. May your Poptick capturing be swift.

  • Leaving a Boss Bugsnak no longer permanently breaks progression of that quest.

  • Fixes an issue where Floofty's Head Games quest breaks progression after leaving.

  • Beffica's head transform is now restored after being changed during a quest cutscene.

  • Quest-relevant Bugsnax respawn more frequently if none are present.

  • Improvements to character eyelid behavior while sleeping.

  • Prevent input from getting stuck after launching the game with sticks pushed down.

  • Ensure quest indicators are hidden during the endgame.

  • Ribblepede movement improved when walking along walls.

  • Noodler correctly drops a held object when it gets extinguished.

  • Key items in the world are no longer physically moveable.

  • Leaping over the boat during Filbo's section of the end game no longer soft locks.

  • Leaping over the fence during Wambus' introduction scene in Garden Grove no longer soft locks.

  • Players accidentally loading through the secret tunnel without solving either puzzle will now complete the puzzle so they can escape the underground death trap.

  • Gramble no longer says I'm locked up for the night line when physically outside of his barn.

  • Chandlo no longer gets into and out of bed repeatedly until 2am. (Same - Phil)

  • Snorpy no longer says his Suspicious candle line if you light the candle before he arrives.

  • Fixes an issue where water objects may disappear when camera screen effects occur and the game is paused.

  • Performance improvements with regards to grass rendering.

  • Improve Trip Shot stability.


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